Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yesterday's testimony

WTVG has part of the summary. So far no one has the video of former detective William Kina which is strange. Not even Court TV has that as a saved video. They have the testimony and the cross examination of the two sisters and the Prosecution with William Kina.

WTOL 11 doesn't have it either despite their claim that they will have full video they have very little on that either.

Despite earlier critiques of the Blade coverage, this developing news report does mention this.

David Yonke's article gives his opinion of yesterday's testimony.


Anonymous said...

Channel 11 has a story with three video links in it. In the one that mentions the murder weapon in the link, you'll see video of the nuns who testified Monday, plus some of Kina's testimony:


Lisa Renee said...

Thanks, I did see that part of it but not the cross by the defense except for the few short blurbs each station showed.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Channel 11 could be saving the "unaired" video for a "special" maybe...