Monday, May 01, 2006

Expert suggests "just google it"

The expert for the prosecution on rituals suggested that people just "google inverted cross" as a part of his testimony. There was an objection made by the defense that was sustained by the judge, yet I found it pretty ironic given the jury probably isn't supposed to google anything related to the trial.

But we aren't jury members, so let's take a quick look at what happens when you do as suggested:

Number one: Antichrist SlideshowThis inverted cross image comes from, BloodWulfs Book : ChaosLord . ... INVERTED CROSS: Represents Satanism and its mockery of Christ

Number two: Satanism Minor TopicsDiscrimination and Prejudice; Shemhamphorash; The Inverted Cross. The Inverted Cross. The inverted cross was not invented or first used by Satanists.

Number three: John Paul II and His Inverted CrossThe claim has been made that the inverted cross is a Roman Catholic symbol which ... Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- The inverted cross is NOT Christian at all.

Number four: What can you tell me of the inverted cross?It's commonly believed that an inverted Cross is the symbol of Satan, ... When someone wears the inverted Cross, they're making a statement as being humble

Number five: JP2 & the "Inverted Cross" ChairThere is another meaning for the Inverted Cross, one that is thoroughly Christian. ... (Note the "inverted cross" of keys at the upper left of their page.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the testimony, which I will re-watch when it's made available, I don't think google makes clear what was stated. Regardless, that is how google listed the top five search results for "inverted cross" as of ten minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

Didn't a juror in the terrorism trial get in trouble for googling for the definition of a word?

The thing that troubles me about this inverted cross is what I've brought up before: HOW can we know it's inverted? Doesn't that conclusion depend on one's perspective? I don't know why the defense isn't objecting every time that's mentioned.

I thought the Chicago priest was fairly pointless/useless in terms of this case. I would be unmoved, were I juror, by all that stuff about the ritualistic aspects of the scene. I would also scoff at the notion that if there were anti-church symbols used that it would be a priest who'd use such symbols. I would see a priest as least likely to do so. The thought that it's a narrow universe that would know the symbols is also a laughable notion.

This afternoon should be interesting: a two-hour video of the priest's interview with police two years ago.

By the way, I signed up for Court TV.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm glad you signed up and thanks for your comments on the testimony today too.

I think the video should be interesting as well.

Lisa Renee said...

As a head's up? So far anytime Court TV has listed when the trial is to resume it's been later than that.

Or they aren't going to show the video online - which would make them eventually list it as it's not going to be shown.