Thursday, May 04, 2006

Morning update...

So far it appears several witnesses did not want to be audio or video taped. A witness that was not on the Prosecution's list that did agree to audio/video was the ex-husband of Leslie (Kerr) Kernes who is on the prosecution's witness list.

Brief notes on his testimony (he flew in from Texas to testify)

He stated that Leslie talked to him that night
after the murder had taken place.

Her office was next to the chapel - He stated she
stated she saw a priest near the chapel.

They are divorced - when asked why he felt he needed to come
here to testify this he responded he felt it was his civic duty.
He was not officially suponeoned

Defense - she never mentioned a name?

No - it was around 7:30 a.m. down the hall from
where she worked in the Technology Office.

Prosecuter's office contacted him a year ago.
Tom Ross called him. He knew Father Robinson
had been arrested.


Anonymous said...

The doctor who's testifying as I type this describes running to the chapel. Maybe those were the footsteps that were heard by the workers. He said he ran past the chapel. That could be the footsteps stopping, when he realized he'd gone too far.

Lisa Renee said...

Could be the footsteps - he states he saw a priest but you'd think if it would have been Father Robinson that he would have talked to the police earlier. Especially since he said he saw his face.

Lisa Renee said...

Scratch that...he did talk to the police.


Lisa Renee said...

Well, he couldn't make a positive ID that it was Father Robinson, which I guess could go either way with the jury. Especially since he stated he clearly remembers the look from the priest.