Monday, May 01, 2006

News articles from the time of the murder

If you are interested in reading the articles from the Toledo Blade during that time period, they have been scanned and uploaded to photobucket. You are welcome to save the images for your own use but please don't link them elsewhere.

The online archives for articles from the Toledo Blade only goes back to 1997 which is why it's not possible to link directly to these articles.

Sunday April 6 part one

Sunday April 6 part two

Monday April 7 part one

Monday April 7 part two

What is different from the articles written in April of 1980, and the trial information is it was claimed by the corner Dr. Harry Mignerey, on April 7, 1980 that Sister Margaret Ann Pahl had been sexually molested. It also is stated the reason police felt there was no physical evidence was the number of people who were at the crime scene before the police arrived had "probably obliterated physical evidence".

Update...additional articles:

Tuesday April 8 part one

Tuesday April 8 part two

Wed April 9


Anonymous said...

There was a little bit of testimony today that sounded like it was headed into sexual assault when Rev. Grob said something about her vaginal area. Something about its being red. Remember that? Objections closed down that line of testimony very quickly.

Lisa Renee said...

I missed that part of the testimony and they don't have the complete testimony on video yet.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will be up.

That's another advantage of this, what I miss - you see.

Anonymous said...

What will we do Tuesday when we have nothing to watch? I think the reports say the lawyers will be in court, but conducting business out of earshot of the jurors.

Anonymous said...

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