Thursday, May 11, 2006

A quick thank you...

Since the trial is now over, after the next few days of coverage there will probably not be any new posts/discussion. Yet I will leave the blog up for anyone who later wants to read the information that has been accumulated here.

I want to thank all of you who have commented, who have emailed me and have stopped by to visit this blog.

I'd also like to thank Mike who has another excellent local blog, History Mike's Musing for promoting what I was trying to do here as well as 13ABC for linking my blog as a information resource and also thank Merle Dech for reading here as well as commenting. As he stated in the comments he will be featured on Fox 36 at both 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

If there is an appeal and it ends up being successful? Then we will of course have more to talk about in the future. I know many of you have waited to discuss your feelings/speculation until the trial was over and you are most welcome to do so.

I know this is not the verdict many of you hoped for as well as I also know this is the verdict many others did want. I also thank all of you for discussing these differences of opinion in an admirable manner. I still hope we do eventually get all of the answers that many of us still want to know. For those of you who do pray, I'd suggest not just praying for Father Robinson but that it be done for our whole community, that not only will there be truth but healing.


historymike said...

Glad to oblige; you've done excellent work here, Lisa.

What is weird is my Google rank for search terms like "Father Gerald Robinson" and "Father Robinson Case."

I have written a little (I think 5 posts in 10 months), but Google has me ranked as high as #3 on some combinations of what people look for.

They must factor into their logarithm the age of posts, because your site was 10 times as useful as mine.

That's also probably why CNN called me (twice) to be an interview guest - My Google rank made them think I was an expert on this case.

(historymike was bogged down with bronchitis and a thesis when the trial started, and passed up an opportunity he normally would have whored himself out for)

Now Mary Winkler - I kick ass on that case, but I don't live in Selmer, TN.


Lisa Renee said...

I haven't done any checking on the ranking of this blog other than to add it to technorati. I wrote it mainly because I was really interested in following the case and didn't want to drive everyone on liberal common sense or glass city jungle crazy with my "obsession" with it. I appreciate everyone who helped contribute to the discussion here. I'm really surprised by the number of visits and hopefully I've provided some info that was helpful, especially the older Blade articles. I found those very interesting.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Face it, You've both covered this trial very well, kudos to you both!

FWIW, from what I saw, Iwould have voted for aquittal too, based on the evidence presented.

Full Disclosure:
I knew of Fr. Robinson, I have in-laws that were married by him, and I knew his parents (I was their paperboy for ~4 years.) However, I've never met the father nor attended one of his services.